ALVAN TAIWAN CO., LTD was established in 1980, having more than 40 year experience of engaging in international trading and supplying various products worldwide.

Our specialized areas are auto parts, bicycle parts, aftermarket parts, hardware, lighting, rack & storage shelving, interior organizers and coffee roaster machine.

Company Profile

Corporate Name:ALVAN TAIWAN CO., LTD
Headquarter:5F., No.460,Fushing N.Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 10476, Taiwan
Capital:NTD 5,000,000
President:Tong, Kuen Larn
Tokyo office:2-2-6 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062, Japan



Joined Fucheng Co., Ltd. Operating import and export business. Importing all kinds of radio and television equipment, aircraft takeoff and landing navigation equipment, communication equipment, European and American food, and all kinds of Chinese herb. Exporting various machinery, hardware, bicycle parts, toys and other miscellaneous products.

The export department operated independently from Fucheng Co., Ltd., and established “ALVAN TAIWAN CO., LTD” specializing in exporting various products.

Alvan becomes the buying agent of JR & Associates (USA) in Taiwan.

Alvan starts exporting bicycle parts to City Cycle Stroe, Central Cycle Store, Tallman and E.S PERA in Srilanka.

Alvan starts supplying yacht steering wheel and related spare parts to Boat Products Inc.(USA).

Alvan starts supplying bamboo products to Y. Nishide & Co.(Japan).

Alvan starts supplying hardware products, sewing machine to John Mingaye Ltd (New Zealand)

Alvan starts suppplying hardware products and fastening M/C to SK-Kone(Finland).

Alvan becomes a buying agenct of Blue Bird(UK).

Alvan starts supplying hardware products, television antenna, video game console and pressure cooker to Narotam & Sons(Fiji).

Alvan starts supplying battery for remote-controlled car to Singapore(Toykar)

Alvan becomes the exporting agenct of Chuan Gin Hardware Company(Taiwan), exporting products including street light and industrial lighting. At the same year, Alvan authorized “Wong”, “See Wide” and “Nan Yuang” as their sole agents in Malaysia.

Alvan starts supplying shoe material to Guangdong Import & Export Corp. Group(China).

Alvan starts supplying video game console and video games to Korea INT’l Trading Co., Ltd.

Alvan starts supplying shoe material (outsole) to Hong Kong(Globalac Development Ltd).

Alvan becomes the supplier of various auto parts of GP(USA).

Alvan starts supplying video game console to Hong Kong(GoGo Co., Ltd.)

Alvan becomes the lighting supplier of SILPA THAI ELECTRIC(Thailand)

Alvan becomes the leather accessories supplier of Hussein Bakry Gazzaz & Co Ltd(Saudi Arabia)

Alvan becomes the lighting fixtures supplier of JUAN KUANG Holding (Malaysia)

Alvan starts supplying lighting fixtures to Magnitech (Pty) Ltd (South Africa)

Alvan starts supplying various lighting fixtures to Indonesia(P.D. Garuda Sakti)

Alvan becomes the supplier of various lighting fixtures of Hong Kong Advertising Co., Ltd.

Alvan starts supplying various hardware to Walkers(UK).

Alvan starts supplying Ander’s Elect. Ind Ltd (Nigeria) street light.

Alvan becomes the supplier of TYE Group(Trinidad).

Alvan becomes the purchasing agent of McCowan’s Ltd(UK) in Taiwan.

Alvan becomes the purchasing agent of Shinewell Venture(Nig.) Ltd in Taiwan (street/floodlights and various bulbs).

1999〜 Alvan starts supplying industrial lighting to Japan(Hikari Industries Ltd)

Alvan become the purchasing agent for bicycle spare parts and accessories of Valmarca(Venezuela).

Alvan becomes the supplier of Flood Light, the subsidiary of Sylvania in Thailand.

Alvan relocates to the new office building.

Capital Increases up to NTD 5,000,000

Alvan starts supplying various hardware to SARATOGA(USA)

Alvan becomes the consultant of Haro Group(Norway) in Taiwan

Alvan becomes the buying agent of O.K.C (Ghana) in Taiwan.

Alvan starts supplying auto parts (aftermarket) to SCI (USA).

Alvan starts supplying varuious metal hardware to BEL(Canada)

Alvan starts supplying seasonings & canned food to Sinceres Food Manufacturing LTD(Trinidad)

Alvan cooperate with GTP, developed various auto parts and steering wheel in Taiwan.

 Alvan begins to supply various auto parts to FRI(USA).

Alvan starts supplying various auto parts (aftermarket parts) to FSP(USA).

Alvan starts supplying hardware component to Krauses(USA).